Your Questions Answered: Adopting A Child

Your Questions Answered: Adopting A Child


The anticipation of adopting a child can be overwhelming. From getting fingerprinted to having your home inspected thoroughly. No matter what, adding a family member to your family can be a lifelong journey.


The Journey Ahead

While the journey ahead of you will take some time, even longer than you’re told, keep busy and do everything needed to be done before the big day comes. If your family has been waiting to go on that anticipated vacation, get plans tied down and go. Make sure you get the house prepared and think of everything you’ll need for your new arrival. Having everything together before you bring your new child home will alleviate all stress you may have waiting at the last minute.


Study Your New Child And Know Everything

Whether you’re planning to adopt a newborn or small child, find out the lineage and where your new child’s family is from. Find out anything you can and that way you’ll know more about your child. If you’re planning to adopt an older child, he or she has had a previous life that you’ll want to know. Where did they live before they come to their new home?


Keep It Simple

If you’ve started to get some ideas for the nursery, try and limit yourself from over-decorating, and keep colors neutral and calming. While most babies love colors, bright colors and an array of objects can over stimulate your new baby.


Bonding Time

Even though the nursery might be in tip-top shape and ready for the arrival, it’s recommended that your new baby share a room with you for the first month. A baby or child, who’s just been separated from a mother or an orphanage, needs comfort and closeness. The crib or bed of an older child will need to be temporarily moved inside your room.


A Tight Support System

If your family lives close, rally everyone together. It’s also important to contact other adoptive families as well. You will want to set up a very close knit support system in advance because once the baby comes, everything changes. You want people you can call all hours of the night, and if you need them, they will come. Having children means you’ll have a very different life and priorities change. Accept any help you are given and be grateful.

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