You And Your Growing Teenager’s Sleeping Habits

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You And Your Growing Teenager’s Sleeping Habits

Getting sleep is crucial, and sometimes it can almost be impossible for some teenagers to get an adequate amount of sleep. It’s crazy to think that teenagers need more than nine hours of sleep. If your teenager has irregular sleeping patterns throughout the week, (activities, sports, and homework) this might be a hard code to crack. Not getting an adequate amount of sleep can change your teen’s biological clock, sending them into chaos and hurting their quality of sleep. Your teen’s natural sleeping cycle is in conflict with the early school start times, making this even more important to maintain a good sleeping habit.

Many teenagers live sleep-deprived, overbooked, over-stressed and overworked lifestyles. Sleep is food for the brain and is especially important for teens to stay focused when they are learning hour upon hour. When our body falls to sleep, important body functions and brain activity occur, not to mention our batteries recharge. When teenagers have inadequate amounts of sleep, this can affect the ability to learn, listen, concentrate and solve problems in school. A teenager’s mood is greatly affected causing them to have inappropriate behavior, impact their healthy eating choices, and can also contribute to many illnesses. If your teen drives and doesn’t get proper sleep, their alertness fades and it becomes dangerous behind the wheel.

As a parent to your teenager, you will need to help them with their sleeping habits so that they can perform their best. First, you will want to help them get the proper amount of sleep by making sleep a priority. Make a bed and wake time plan and make sure you both stick to it. Next, help them make time management changes, which entails making sure your teen’s homework is organized and their activities might have to be limited at night. Establish a time when your child can go on their electronics, and minimize their phone usage. You should try and have your teen cut off all electronic devices, two hours before bedtime. Having your teen avoid eating a couple hours before bedtime, will also calm them down and make them fall faster to sleep. Try and follow these tips, so that you and your child can develop healthy sleeping habits.


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