What Women Want: Do Men Really Know?

 women want many things, but often simpleWhat women want from their man (or partner) can seem daunting

No one is an expert on any specific topic, let alone the topic of women or what women want. Many men may think they understand women due do possibly being a serial dater, dating many different types of women. They think that they understand her. They know her. They have been out with her many times, engaging in deep conversation and then observing her. These men think they know these women. They think they have it down to a science. Then she does the unthinkable and doesn’t communicate back.

There are lessons in life to be learned about all what women want. Especially when it comes to loving a woman.

We will make the first move, even if we know your oblivious

Most men want women to make the first move even though that sounds like a child in middle school. A woman needs to come forth and let the man know how she is feeling inside and most importantly what she wants. Men can’t read signs that we think they can read. They are oblivious, an all together different breed than women. No matter how well they think they can read women, they still will miss things and then regret it in the future.

Cheating is cheating.

There are a ton of men that will walk on the edge of cheating and not cheating. They don’t have to sleep with another woman to give their woman the perception that they are cheating. Even though a man doesn’t make physical contact with another woman, they still can cheat.  It goes without saying that what women want includes loyalty and honesty.

Be the man in the relationship, no matter what

Another key thing regarding what women want is an assertive and defined set of roles.  Men think that if their woman makes more money, is more independent and has a higher self-esteem, they don’t need to take care of her as much. You’re wrong. Men are still men and women are still women. Take her on dates, seduce her and most importantly, be her man.

She doesn’t need to be spoiled with money

If your going to take her out, do it right and put a little effort into it. Sometimes it might not mean for you to take her to the most expensive restaurants. If a man takes his date to the most expensive restaurant the first time they go out, she will always expect it. Make dinner for her. Set up a picnic and a scavenger hunt. Do something different.

She just wants to be loved

Women are extremely complicated creatures and it will take the rest of your life to decode what women want. Most importantly, like everyone else, women want to be loved, respected, cared for and listened to.

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