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Why Mom Was Right About Food Buying Clubs

Why Mom Was Right About Food Buying Clubs

food buying club

My Mom always was someone who knew how to squeeze every penny from her food budget. But today that is getting harder. One of the consequences of the ongoing drought in California coupled with extreme weather patterns around the world is that the price of food is going up and up. So how do we continue to feed our families good nutritious food when the prices are sending many food costs out of reach? One solution could be to join a food buying club in your neighborhood. There probably are several food buying clubs or food buying cooperatives in your state, and maybe even one in your area. But even if there isn’t, you could start one up on your own. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Why Food Buying Clubs Make Sense

It doesn’t matter if you simply want to buy more cheaply or are looking to get into organic foods; these clubs just make sense for families on a budget. You can buy everything from shampoo and pet food to grass-fed beef and locally produced veggies. It is really just about the wholesale sources you choose to use. But when you bring the collective buying power of ten or fifteen families together, suddenly you are buying in bulk at incredibly low prices. Best of all, many food buying clubs have been organized specifically for organic foods, which can get pricey at the store. Ready to save?

How To Get Started

You can start up a food buying club with as little as five or six families. In fact, at the start it might be better to have only a few members to make the paperwork easier. Using Google Docs to keep track of orders is helpful and using PayPal helps to keep the finances simple. If someone has the space, say in a garage, it is handy to allocate a used freezer (never buy new, there are tons of old ones on Craig’s List) and be sure to get a scale to weigh out the bulk buys when you split them up. You can find a list of wholesale vendors who work with food buying groups on Small Footprint Family.

Food Groups Grow Quickly

The popularity of food buying clubs has grown tremendously in the last decade or so. As the internet makes it easier to plan for them, and websites from wholesalers make it easy to see what is available to order, more families are joining. So whether you join a food co-op in your area or create a local food buying club for you and your neighbors, Mom was certainly right when she said buying smart always saves money.

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