vaporizer or humidifier

Which One Is Better: Humidifier or Vaporizer?

vaporizer or humidifier


A vaporizer and humidifier are different in many regards. A vaporizer works by heating the water until it turns into a hot steam, while a humidifier creates a nice cool mist. Either one will work when and if your child has a cold. The moist air that these two create will help loosen congestion and also make the throat feel better. 

Cleaner & better to use

When talking about these two and which ones better to use, a warm air vaporizer is cleaner air than using a cool-air humidifier. It’s important if you’re using this for a newborn, that you use a warm air vaporizer because the air is cleaner. A vaporizer does exactly that. It vaporizes by breaking down the germs present and converts the water into steam, which kills any bacteria in the air present. 

Warm air is easier to breathe

This is quite simple. Warm air is best to breathe during the cold months because steam releases heat as it condenses. A vaporizer can even be used to heat a room during the colder months of the year, not to mention help any children whom have colds. Having a vaporizer allows you to turn down the air in your home, which lessens the negative impact dry air could have on your baby. It also causes the mucus that lines the breathing passages to thicken and accumulate into thick gooey globs. That’s why it’s important to keep the nasal passages clear, by using an over-the-counter or homemade saltwater solution.


Humidifiers on the other hand produce a cool mist, which make them less effective than vaporizers. If a person is set on buying a humidifier, it’s best to purchase one that’s ultrasonic in technology. The reason why these are better is because they use high-frequency sound to break the particles of water in the air into a mist. Some of these even have the chance to produce smaller sized vapor particles, allowing for penetration to be deeper and more effective. These are typically found in hospitals and used for the infants who have bronchitis.

Watch out for…

Due to the risk of burns from the hot steam vaporizers produce, please use them with caution when using around small children. You’ll want to make sure your staying on top of cleaning because it will accumulate germs very fast.

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