Top European Baby Names

top eurpopean baby names

Mia. This beautiful name has the meaning of “mine,” and is one of the top choices among Germans. I’m not sure if there’s a cuter meaning for a little girls name choice.

Maja. Stemming from the roots of Sweden, this name means “pearl, and has increasingly become a popular choice for girls. It’s both beautiful and strong.

Allesandro. This popular boys name means “defender of man,” and is unique enough for any baby boy. Originating in Italy, it’s slowly gaining popularity in the United States.

Grace. It’s no surprise that this name is popular in the United States as well as Northern Ireland, with the meaning “God’s favor,” and is becoming increasingly popular year after year.

Lola. This top French name may be one of the most popular names among most Americans, but the meaning of this name isn’t as pretty as it sounds. The meaning of this name means “sorrow,” but if you love the name, go with it.

Hugo. This is a great choice for anyone looking to name their child something unque. The name Hugo means “intelligent,” and has been growing popularity in France for over a decade.

Logan. The name Logan means “hollow,” and is topping the charts in Scotland. While most people choose this name for their boy, there’s been a growing popularity of this name amongst little baby girls.

Finn. In the Netherlands, Finn is a popular name that means “small blond soldier.” Most people having a boy choose the name because of it’s growing popularity.

Lotte. This popular boys name tops the charts in the Netherlands with the meaning of “masculine.” If you haven’t heard of this too much, you may start to hear of it more and more.

Jack. One of the most popular choices of names among Northern Ireland, and with a meaning of “rebel,” no wonder there’s been a growing in popularity in the U.S for many years now.

Isla. In Scotland, Isla is one of the most popular names, and it comes from the Scottish river. The name alone sounds strong and stands out from the rest of names.

Oliver. This sweet name is topping the charts in Sweden, with the meaning “affectionate,” no wonder mommy’s all over want this name for their son. In the coming years, this name is projected to become much more popular.

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