Tips For Traveling With Your Baby


Your travel life needn’t come to stop just because you’re now a parent. Reality is, your life and travel life will all together change with a baby. Like everything, traveling will have its ups and downs. Don’t forget to create a home away from home when traveling.

It’s normal to feel a sense of anxiety when you think of traveling with your little one, especially, if you’re a new parent. I’m sure your head is turning, thinking of all you need to bring. I traveled with my first a lot and it became a science to me. I also have looked into many sites, gaining the best tips and advice and comprised it together.

Traveling With Your Baby-Baby Carrier & Baby Bag:

Make sure you have a nice and comfortable baby carrier. With all the walking and carrying your baby bag, you will want to be comfortable. I recommend Ergo Baby Carrier. This saved me when traveling. It’s super comfortable and feels like you’re not even carrying anything. Also, make sure your baby bag is packed with snacks, hand sanitizer, small blanket, formula or breast milk, bottles, infant pain relief, snacks for mom and anything else you can think of.

Traveling With Your Baby-Book Room with Separate Sleeping Areas:

Look for accommodations that offer one or two bedroom suites instead of a standard hotel room with one or two beds. You will end up paying a little more, but it’s worth it. Make sure you bring your sound machine and anything that calms your baby.

Traveling With Your Baby-Prepare for the Climate:

Make sure to dress your baby in wear warm clothes on the airplane. You never know how cold a plane can get. Also, make sure you pack your little one proper clothing and a sun protecting swim suit, sunscreen, shoes to protect their feet and a sun hat.

Traveling With Your Baby-Embrace Nap Time:

Make it an actual “time” for everyone to lie down. Babies need naps and I’m sure you will too. Don’t forget to bring a comfortable pillow.

Portable Bed/Bassinet:

Bring a portable bed (4moms portable bed) or bring Summer Infant by your side Sleeper, which is a small bassinet and can fit into luggage.

Traveling With Your Baby-Car seat:

Make sure you bring your own car seat. You can purchase Clek Weelee, so you’re able to wheel your car seat.

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