The Things Parents Can Do To Help Kids With Homework


Set up a spot for homework

It’s important to create a spot that’s conducive for learning, but also a spot that is comfortable. It may help if your child has a nice chair that can be pulled into a desk because having good posture is a good thing when doing homework. Make sure the spot is accessible to supplies and is quiet and comfortable.

Don’t hover over children

Parents make a huge mistake when they hover over their child when they do their homework. It’s important that your are near if your child has a question, but it’s important that they do their homework by themselves. If your child is doing homework you can sit by them and read or do something that you need to do. This sends the message to your child that homework has real-world applications too.

Have expectations that are reasonable

It’s important to give kids good study habits which will help them as they grow older. Don’t assume your child understands everything that you may understand, or that their as neat as you may be. Remember that kids who are in first through third grade should only have around 30 minutes of homework a night. This doesn’t include reading that a parent would assign to them.

Limit the amount of distractions

Kids of all ages find excuses for almost everything and anything so it’s important to not give children any reason to avoid doing homework. You might want to set the rules before the homework starts and mention that once they start the homework, there are no breaks until work is completed.

Don’t ever give kids the answers

Homework is an important tool that teachers use to tell how well kids are understanding their lessons in class. Instead of giving your child the answers directly, ask them lots of questions. When you ask questions, this will help your child to understand the answers to the questions better.

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