military wife

The Life Of The Military Wife

Military Wife

Watching both family and friends, I have learned being a military wife has its ups and downs. Although these relationships can be difficult since part of the time your significant other will be away, it’s important to know these relationships can (and do) work out. So whether you’re new to military life or just looking for some new advice, remember these helpful tips.

Military Wife Life: It’s All About Respect.

Military men and women are all about loyalty, dedication, and respect. So no matter what choices are made, you need to support your soldier. Give them the extra boost they need to help them succeed.

Military Wife Life: Spousal Careers Are Hard.

Since military life can feature frequent moves or deployment, spouses can have a harder time with their career. In fact, sometimes they are even put on hold. The best careers for military spouses offer flexibility, and if possible, are able to move around with you. Think sales or freelance positions.

Military Wife Life: Communication is Vital to Success.

One of the easiest ways for spouses to remain faithful is to have open communication. Send as many letters, packages, pictures, emails, phone calls, etc. as possible. Let your partner know you are there for them, whether they are near or far.

Military Wife Life: Military Comes First.

One of the biggest things a military spouse needs to understand is that the military comes first. For instance, sometimes soldiers may not be able to share details about their day with you, or they may have to miss your next music recital. It’s nothing personal. It’s just the way they are trained and/or due to security reasons.

Military Wife Life: Learn the Lingo.

Military lingo is important when dealing with a soldier. It can help you to understand where he is going or even what he is talking about. For instance, when your soldier talks about having a new TDY or how he needs his recent LES; you’ll be prepared.

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