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The 14 Most Popular Baby Names of 2014

Results are starting to accumulate for 2014 and this year the top 100 girls and boys names are both unique and classic. It really doesn’t matter what one wants to name their child as long as it makes them happy. Today there are no rules when it comes to naming your child which means that parents can really get creative or just pick a name that they have always loved.

The Top Ten Boys and Girls Names

Popular names this year might surprise one. These names almost feel like a throwback to previous years since most of them are well known names that have been around for years.

Boys names that were popular in 2014 are more traditional names with even a few Biblical based names making the list. Jackson, Liam, Noah, Ethan, Jacob, Logan, Caden, Mason, Lucas, and Aiden are the names that made the boys list.

Girls names that were popular in 2014 are mostly names that probably would have been thought of as creative 20 years ago. These names are mostly new names that people have only recently started using. The girls list includes Madelyn, Lily, Mia, Ava, Ema, Sophia, Olivia, Isabella, Zoe, and Emily.

Places are Big

In 2014 it seemed that names based off of geographic locations were quite popular. Some of the girls names that would fit in this category include Madison, Charlotte, Brooklyn, Savannah, and London. Locations were hot on the boys name list too. The two boys location names are Lincoln and Hudson.

The Battle of the “A” Names

Another huge trend in 2014 was girls names that started with an A. Ava was on the top 10 list. Other “A” names included Aubrey, Avery, Abigail, Amelia, Arianna, Addison, Aria, Aaliyah, Adalyn, Anna, Audrey, Annabelle, Alaina, Allison, Alyssa, Adeline, Alice, Alexandra, and Alexis. The “A” bug was biting for boys names too. Asher, Adrian, Austin, Adam, Alexander, Anthony, Andrew, and Aiden were all featured on the boys top 100 names list.

Classic Names that are Still Trendy

Another popular trend in names really did include a throwback to an earlier time. There were a lot of well known names that might have been seen in the past that were still popular today. Layla, Hailey, Hannah, Ella, Nora, Kylie, Mila, Callie, Makayla, Kennedy, Peyton, Bailey, Reagan, Keira, Kaelyn, Jasmine, Piper, Gianna, Paisley, and Cadence.

There are also a lot of trendy traditional boys names that made the list. Cole, Sean, Elliot, Nathaniel, Jeremiah, Colin, Carson, Xavier, Josiah, Jason, Tristan, Jordan, Leo, Miles, Christopher, Jonathan, Ian, Alex, Zachary, Thomas, Charlie, Tyler, Aaron, Isaiah, Levi, John, Julian, Joseph, Max, Christian, Evan, Samuel, David, Sebastian, Eli, Joshua, Nathan, Wyatt, Nicholas, Isaac, Dylan, Grayson, Owen, Henry, Grabriel, Daniel, Matthew, Oliver, Ryan, William, Caleb, James, Benjamin, Michael, Luke, Jack, and Elijah are all traditional names that were popular in 2014.

Creative and Unique Trendy Names

Other popular names included those that are more popular and more unique. For girls Harper, Chloe, Kaylee, Riley, Evelyn, MacKenzie, Ellie, Scarlett, Grace, Isabelle, Natalie, Kaitlyn, Lillian, Sarah, Elizabeth, Leah, Claire, Victoria, Maya, Lila, Elena, Lucy, Gabriella, Sophie, Sadie, Skyler, Caroline, Charlie, Penelope, Liliana, Samantha, Maria, Violet, Elaina, Eva, Stella, Katherine, Vivian, Kayla, Sydney, Julia, Cora, Lauren, Bella, and Clara.

Boys names seem to be trending on unique and popular too. Some of the more unique of the top 100 boys names include Ryder, Xander, Easton, Micah, Brody, Declan, Chase, Camden, Blake, Cooper, Nolan, Parker, Muhammad, Colton, Gavin, Brayden, Hunter, Dominic, Cameron, Landon, Carter, Connor, Jayce, and Jayden.

Picking out the perfect name used to be a process where a parent would think and struggle over what they wanted to choose. For 2014 it seems that there were no rules but some parents still preferred traditional names.

Author: Amanda Walton

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