Ten Ways To Kid-Proof Your Style, Get Out The Door Fast, And Look Awesome Every Day

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Looking around the playground reveals that while a lot of women spend a significant amount of money on maternity clothes, it’s all too easy to slump into tee shirts and yoga pants after the baby. Here are some tips for how to adjust your style to fit your life-style.

  1. Let’s Start With The Basics: Your Bra And Nickers

Start with the right foundation.  A properly fitted bra will transform how your clothes fit because they lift your bust away from your waist making you look five pounds smaller instantly. A well-fit bra should support you around the back with the band so it will put less strain on your shoulders, causing you to have better posture and improving how your clothes lay. It’s likely that your bra circumference and cup size have both changed since kids, so get a fitting and invest in your new size. Through in some matching panties while your at it, ones that are still comfortable with stretch lace and soft cotton.

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