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Summertime and the Living is Outdoors
Know what I really love about summer? Well outside of the great weather and the fact we get to put those galoshes away for the season, that is. What I really love about summer is that we can head for the out of doors and pretty much live there. I don’t mean camping, though there is that too. I mean moving some furniture to that backyard or deck and living outdoors as much as possible. I mean setting up the hammock for those lazy Saturday afternoon reading sessions outdoors. Yup- summertime is the time when living is outdoors and I just can’t get enough of it. But to do it right, you need to plan. Here are some ideas of how to make the outdoors work for you this summer.

Throw a Garden Party
Nothing says outdoor living like a garden party. Plus I get a chance to wear my favorite summer dresses at them, which is another good thing about summer. Even if you don’t have a cool looking outdoor table for it, you can dress it up with a cloth tablecloth and some colorful glassware. Flowers in the garden are a must, but you can even add them last minute from the local nursery for that full flowered look. Then pour the lemonade champagne and make small talk with your friends!

It’s Bar B Q Time
Of course what would summer be without a backyard Bar B Q or two? If you have a friend who loves to handle the grill, be sure and invite them to come early and help. Trust me, they will be delighted and it is one less thing you have to deal with for the party. The nice thing about a barbeque is that they are pretty simple. Steaks and burgers, beer and condiments and you are set! If the kids are coming, grab a bag of marshmallows for them to toast! It’s a great excuse to be out of the hot kitchen and everyone loves a barbeque.

Try Wine Tasting
If you want to try a more sophisticated party, why not host a wine tasting? If you have a local winery they would probably love to help you host the party. If not, why not talk to your local wine store for suggestions on varieties to try? Add in some hors d’oeuvres and a clutch of chairs for chatting, and you have a wine tasting party. Perfect for those cool summer evenings when you want to put on a bit of jazz, try out a new wine and nibble on some local fruit and cheese. Now just relax and enjoy the evening with your friends.

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