stubborn toddler

All About Your Stubborn Toddler

stubborn toddler

Toddler behavior is usually erratic, and oftentimes unpredictable. Most of us have been through it, and many of us have seen it all. There’s nothing that can pull at a parent’s sanity more than a toddler who’s up and down, switching from aggressive to shy, and from loud to lethargic. While it may take more time, and oftentimes can be more frustrating, it’s very important to teach your little one right from wrong, how to use self-control, and how to have respect for others.

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to your stubborn toddler:

Be clear and consistent
When it comes to children, they will always need consistency and structure. When a parent maintains a clear point to their child by setting limits, this will give them the security they need. If you give your child a nap every day at a different time, they won’t feel confident when their nap period is, and they will try and push the limits.

Every child loves to run and play, but it’s especially important for toddlers to get the physical activity their bodies need. It’s completely normal to have a toddler who is active at all times of the day, except when their sleeping. 

Stay connected
Even though your toddler’s growing older and gaining more independence, stay connected with them. They may not ask, but they might enjoy as simple as a back-rub in the evening, or even rub their feet with lotion. 

Understand them
Although your little one is small, it’s still important to explain things to them to help them understand what you’re saying. Since most toddlers are unable to change their behavior according to verbal reasoning, keep it short. If your little one is hurting inside find out why, and help them to verbalize their emotions instead of reacting.

Realistic expectations
Try and think about realistic expectations when it comes to your toddler. An adult may be able to handle running around all the time, but it may be too much for a toddler. Your child may need time to rest so they can cope with any necessary changes. 

Avoid negativity
There are many words to describe your toddler, so try to avoid all negative words when describing your toddler. If your discussing your child with friends, teachers or relatives, use positive labels.

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