intimacy during pregnancy

Stay Sexy, Mama! Intimacy Tips for Each Trimester

When you are pregnant the last thing you will think about is intimacy and how to keep it going through each trimester. But the fact is that many soon to be parents are going to wonder how to be intimate during pregnancy in each trimester. After all you are having a child, not becoming celibate in your new life.

Soon the challenges of childhood and raising a little one will be on you, this may be the last time you have in a while to keep the intimacy in your relationship. Though even after you have a child you can find plenty of tips on keeping intimacy in your relationship.

intimacy during pregnancy

For survival in this world it’s a must to stay attached to your spouse and keep the connection alive. One of the main ways is through intimacy between the two of you, but when you are gaining weight you don’t always feel attractive and want to have sex. Plus many people often believe that having sex while they are pregnant will harm their new baby, but this is completely false.

Don’t buy into the old wives tale that has kept many in the past from seeking out their partner because she was pregnant. The fact is your baby is completely safe and you will do no harm to them, but you will be able to keep the intimacy in your relationship.

The fact is, that when you are intimate during your pregnancy it helps all of you, yes even the baby. Keeping the mother and father connected both through physical touch and the emotional experience is a must. The hormones that are created from the mother while being intimate will also benefit your unborn child. Over the trimesters some changes may need to take place though for both you and the mother to be to enjoy this intimacy.

First Trimester:

The first trimester you can do anything, enjoy the fun of intimacy just like you always have. The baby will enjoy the extra hormones that come into play in their world as well.

Second Trimester:

When you hit your second trimester you may need to make a few adjustments.  This is only because your wife may feel that she isn’t as attractive. This is where you need to assure her not only in words, but through touches and intimacy that she is still the most beautiful woman to you in the world. Her body will have a lot more hormones floating around though, so this could be the time when she will experience multiple orgasms. Use this to your advantage and try new things!

Third Trimester:

Finally during the third trimester you will find that there isn’t much of a chance for missionary position intimacy. That’s fine! You can get creative! Try doggy style, spooning, “edge of the bed” or you on top, and keep the sex alive in your marriage.

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