spring essentials

8 Must-Have Spring Essentials For Your Kids!

8 Must-Have Spring Essentials For Your Kids!

spring essentials

The weather has finally warmed up and you and your whole family are in a better mood because of it.  Here’s a list of spring essentials for your kids to get them out and active.

Spring Essentials: DIY Raincoat

If you’re looking for a raincoat for your little ones, why not make one? This is an adorable rain coat that will look good on any child. A lot of kids love the idea of ponchos so their arms are free and not in typical coat. This website goes in detail as to how to achieve this same look.

Spring Essentials: Skip Hop Zoobrella

This adorable umbrella is great for a boy or a girl. They have different umbrellas to pick from that can be tailored around what your child likes. They also have matching raincoats to go with the umbrellas.

Spring Essentials: Kid’s Rainboots

This line of rain boots is a parents dream. There’s tons of boots to choose from and if your boy is into super-heroes, these are your boots. They have great selection for girls too.

Spring Essentials: Gardening Tools

Every child will enjoy spring a little more when they’re able to plant their favorite vegetable or even their favorite flower. This is a great project to do with your child because you can be outside and enjoy the weather.

Spring Essentials: Kneeling Cushion

These are perfect for kids that don’t want to ruin what they have on, or better yet be more comfortable when doing a task. Whether your child is planting a garden or kneeling to draw on the sidewalk, these are perfect your child.

Spring Essentials: Crayola Sidewalk Chalk

Crayola has some new offerings for spring, including my favorite, tie-dye sidewalk chalk and glitter sidewalk chalk. If your kids love sidewalk chalk, let them explore their creativity with these new colors.

Spring Essentials: Gardening Gloves

These mini-sized gripping gloves are perfect for keeping your little one’s hands clean and protected and really easy to clean. They can be for either boys or girls and can also be worn for any other project that calls for protection of the hands.

Spring Essentials: Child’s Tent

A tent is a must-have for kids. Your child will have a ball going in and out of this tent while using their imagination and pretending to be somewhere far,far away.

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