Simple Strategies to Finally Get Organized

Strategies to get organized with kids

Strategy #1 Show kids how to help

It’s important to give your children specific instructions on what to do rather than vague directions, because it’s overwhelming for them. You want to be direct when telling your children what to do: “Please pick up your blocks and put them in the blue bin.”

Make sure your child has enough space to organize what your child already has rather than having it impossible to find a place for things.

Strategy #2 It’s okay to let go of things

Remember that it’s okay to let go of things because the more you have the more clutter will increase. If you buy a new book, give an old one away.

Tackle your kitchen by throwing away old food in the pantry and also pitching herbs that are old.

Go through drawers in the kitchen and get them cleaned out. If there are things in the drawers that you don’t use, put them away into storage.

Strategy #3 Get crafty with your child’s designs

As soon as your children can make you art work, it’s important to be able to display their designs. Here are some ideas on how to display your child’s prized possessions:

Hang a colored string or ribbon on a wall with clothespins for attaching artwork.

Mount clips on the wall near the kitchen, low enough so your children can hang their own artwork.

By frames in different sizes and display different pieces of artwork in numerous sizes of frames you buy.

Strategy #4 Get rid of toys regularly

Make “giving away” a fun game with kids and use different bins to decide which things you want to donate and which you want to keep.

If a toy is sentimental, keep it in the family or give the toy to a close friend.

It’s important to use a black trash bag just in case your child decides they want something after you’ve already gotten rid of it.

Strategy #5 Reign in those photos

Some of us take so many pictures that the thought of getting rid of any of them puts us into a mental shock.

It’s important to purge your photos before you print them. If you have numerous shots of one event, keep the best and then delete.

If you have duplicate shots, send these to grandparents, family, and close friends.

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