mother using microwave

Quick & Easy Microwave Snacks

mother using microwave

If you’re a new parent, there’s a good chance you might not have time to eat yourself, let alone cook a meal for your family. Many of us use the microwave to reheat things that have been refrigerated for days, or we want delicious and quick popcorn to complete our movie night, but rarely do we think of preparing a meal in a microwave. Here are 5 quick and easy microwave snacks to get you thru your busy day:

sweet potato chips

1. Sweet Potato Chips
If you love flavored crunchy chips, these are way better than those because their homemade. The best thing about this recipe is you don’t need an expensive fryer. You’ll want to use one medium sized sweet potato (cleaned) and cut off the ends, then cut your potato into slices and add them into a medium sized bowl. Drizzle corn oil and kosher salt and toss. Lay them out evenly on parchment paper, and then cook for 3 1/2 minutes to 5 minutes. Let them cool, and serve.


2. Nachos
If you have a microwavable cup or bowl, add refried beans, your favorite salsa, a half of an avocado and cheese. Microwave all the ingredients for one minute, or until everything is melted and the ingredients you have added form a dip. If you’re watching your sodium, swap out regular refried beans, for low-salt or low sodium.

fried rice

3. Fried Rice
This meal is made from using a cup of brown rice, green onion and an egg. To make sure the egg is completely cooked throughout, microwave on high for a minute. If you love vegetables, add whichever ones are your favorite and then cook. If you prefer raw veggies, cook all other ingredients and then add veggies last.

rice krispy treats

4. Crispy Rice Treats
This has a unique twist on an old classic. Use the microwavable cup or bowl you’ve been using, and add a high quality fudge sauce, a cup of marshmallows and heat for 30 seconds. Add a cup of rice cereal to the liquid and stir. Once the treat is done, use the remaining liquid for more treats.


5. Baked Oatmeal
This is a great recipe for a quick recipe for breakfast. You will want to use quick oats, eggs, milk and flax seeds. You’ll then want to stir well with a fork, and then add fruit if you choose. After you add the fruit, stir again and cook on high for 2-3 minutes.

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