playtime tips

Playtime Tips For Your Adventurous Toddler

playtime tips

It may appear to you that your toddler is just having fun and games when they play, but to a toddler play is important to them. Throughout the day, your tot looks for things to keep busy with and they want to consistently use their brain. No matter if your little one is preparing a meal in their pretend kitchen, or solving “problems” as they babble away, they are constantly discovering new things and sharpening their creativity and imagination. Here are some important lessons that lie in the world of play:

  • Role playing is number one when it comes to having fun with your toddler. When your little one pretends their someone else is important because it sharpens their imagination and broadens their intelligence.
  • When your little one is playing with their shape sorter, their thinking hard figuring out shapes, colors, and sizes trying to fit something into the correct hole.
  • Playing outside your child is discovering how to take turns (at a public park or school), learning how to go up and down the slide, learning the principle of gravity, and coordination is being built as it takes strong muscles to get up and down the ladder.

Many parents may not understand the wonderful benefits of letting their little one play. By being your little one’s playmate, you alone can boost your child’s learning in so many ways. Increase your little ones verbal skills by asking them a variety of questions when you are playing. If your tot is drawing a picture, ask them what they’re drawing, or challenge their imagination by asking if they can draw something particular. As the parent, your job is to supply the dress-up clothes, provide any art supplies, but let your little one decide which action they’ll take next. Make sure you provide him with manners as well, and the importance of cleaning up the mess when done playing.

When thinking of the best toys for their work during the day, think about the most value for your dollar. The best things to buy your little one are ones that can be used for more than just one thing. Push toys are great for your little one because they help to boost your toddler’s coordination, while also stimulating their imagination. Puzzles are another wonderful toy as they are great for motor skills and language development.

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