Planning for a Theme Park Trip

Planning for a Theme Park Trip – A Guide

Planning for a Theme Park Trip – A Guide

Planning for a Theme Park Trip

Summer vacation is fast approaching and for many families this means planning for a theme park trip. It doesn’t really matter even which theme park you are planning to visit, if you want to enjoy it you need to plan ahead. Here are a few tips to help you get started planning for a theme park trip so your entire family can get the most bang for your buck.

Locate Deals When Planning For A Theme Park Trip

While research is the key, the best place to start is by thoroughly researching what kind of deals you can get for this trip. Each of the big theme parks do specials throughout the year, so check the websites of places like CityPass or similar sites to look for special deals.

Do The Research First

Go on the sites and look at maps of the theme park to plan your route. Is your hotel near the park or is there transportation provided to cut down on travel time? Which rides does each member of the family want to ride? If someone gets lost, where do you meet? These are all important decisions to plan ahead of time. Doing them will ensure everyone gets the most out of your planning for a theme park trip this year. Also the most popular rides have shorter lines first thing in the morning or last at night, so plan for them accordingly.

Food And Drink In Parks

As anyone will tell you who has gone, all food prices skyrocket inside the theme park. Check the park’s policy on outside food and drink. Most will let you bring them in if they are not in glass containers. Bringing water and snacks will cut down on the high price of eating. Remember you will be there all day and having snacks and water will help while waiting in line too.

Plan Your Clothing

If you are going to Florida or Southern California in the summer, wear light clothing and bring plenty of sunscreen. For those winter trips, be sure the jackets are light to carry when you end up indoors. And always plan for comfortable walking shoes because you will be on your feet for hours and hours, so why mess up the day with sore feet?

Plan On Enjoying It All

Whatever you do, remember you are here to have a good time together. The stress of long lines and walking all day can lead to short tempers. Just relax, laugh at the funny people around you and enjoy yourself. The memories you share later will be worth it all.

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