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Penny Pinching Tips For New Parents

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Being a new parent has a very expensive price tag. To be exact, each child costs roughly between $200,000 and $300,000. If you shop smart and make simple lifestyle cutbacks, there is a way to raise a baby or an entire brood without breaking the bank.


Penny Pinching-Buy In Stages:

We like to buy are child everything, but they don’t need everything. For most of the major purchases, wait for it to go on sale or even wait and shop around to compare all the different prices. Seek secondhand clothes from friends or browse local consignment shops.


Penny Pinching-Know When To Splurge:

Instead of buying cheap diapers that cost less- which normally end up leaking which makes them not last that long, buy better diapers because they last longer. They’re better at holding in leaks and they’re better for your baby if you choose an eco-friendly, disposable, chlorine-free diaper made from cotton. Don’t skimp on anything that has to do with safety. For example: buy a nicer car seat, nicer crib, nicer crib sheets (cheaper ones have been known to come off of mattress and strangle kids).


Penny Pinching-Shop Around:

This doesn’t mean tedious shopping. This can be done mostly on the internet. Sites such as allow you to input baby items that you would want to buy and compare it to other baby items. Online auction sites or even browsing your local craigslist to find deals for your baby is a good option, if you’re willing to buy secondhand.


Penny Pinching-Each Child Is Different:

Don’t spend tons of money on optional items that your child may not like. Every mom believes in buying some sort of swing for their baby, even though it could in-fact spoil the child more or they might not like.


Penny Pinching-Try Before You Buy:

Test out strollers, carriers and any other item that both you and your husband will use so you don’t waste your money with one not liking the other.


Penny Pinching-Decide What You Are Willing To Give Up:

Every parent thinks they NEED a changing table but it’s much easier to just change baby on a clean mat on the floor. But some parents need a table because strenuous bending over is worse. You can comparison-shop to find a good deal.

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