summer tips

Parenting Tips for Summer

summer tips

We often forget how grateful we should be for school, especially as parents. School keeps our kids busy for about eight hours a day. Then when our kids come home they have a couple hours of homework to do, or extracurricular activities before it’s time for dinner and bed. When the summer comes along a lot of time is unaccounted for, which can drive parents crazy. So how can we keep kids busy, and ourselves sane?

  1. First, for the younger ones, keep a regular bedtime. It’s easier to stay up later since it takes so long for the sun to go down but with the help of some great room darkening shades, as mentioned by The Huffington Post, getting your little ones to sleep will give you some extra time to relax or to get things done. Another positive aspect of this is that a consistent sleep schedule is great when it comes to avoiding cranky children.
  2. Put them to work! Involve them in all the plans, especially when it comes to the house hold. This will teach them responsibility, discipline and even important life skills when it comes to cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and etc. If it’s spaghetti night have one kid in charge of the tomato sauce, another in charge of setting the table and another in charge of the dishes. Make sure you set up a fair rotation and you’re good to go!
  3. Of course it’s always easy to plop them down in front of the TV but try to limit this activity. TV can be a band aid if needed for about an hour but after that it actually doesn’t do anything beneficial for the mind. Get your kids involved in a day camp a few days a week or get in touch with some local parents to set up play dates or trade off days when one parent takes all the kids to the movies or the park, Peace In Your Home.
  4. Instill positive habits. Aside from cleaning and cooking chores teach your child the importance of reading. Time can fly so quickly if you’ve got good reading material. Take your kids to the library once a week. This will encourage them to read their books more quickly and hopefully further develop their reading comprehension skills, Aha! Parenting.
  5. Take lots of photos. In the last week of summer print all your photos and build a physical album or scrapbook of your summer memories with your children. Encourage them to draw their own pictures as well for an added touch! Another idea is to take polaroid’s over the course of the summer and hang all the pictures in a family room or stick them on the fridge for a reminder of the good times and the warm weather once the fall and winter come, Aha! Parenting.

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