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New Study: Working Moms Make Successful Daughters

Vera Ivanova

We all know the guilt that some mothers have when leaving their children behind at a daycare center as they rush off to work. It is unfair though, that a woman would have to give up a career that she has worked so hard for the second she has a child, and luckily now there is information which suggests that if a mother doesn’t want to stop working, she doesn’t have to.

super mom

Successful Mom = Successful Daughter

A study done by Harvard Business School, which analyzed data from 24 countries found that daughters of working mothers are 4.5% more likely to be employed, hold higher positions, and earn higher salaries than daughters of stay-at-home mothers reported Quartz. The article also reports that while the number seems small, “there is less than a 1% chance that such a result is due to chance.”

According to The Guardian, lead author of the study, Kathleen McGinn believes that daughters of working mothers are affected more in the United States and United Kingdom, since these countries seem to have more barriers in gender equality when it comes to having a career.

The Parent Herald reported that the researchers hope that their work will be instrumental in establishing policies which will help working parents.

McGinn was quoted saying, “We hope the findings from our research will promote respect for the spectrum of choices women and men make at home and at work. Whether moms or dads stay at home or are employed, part-time or full-time, children benefit from exposure to role models offering a wide set of alternatives for leading rich and rewarding lives.”

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