Mother Gives Birth in National Forest


Amber Panghorn, a woman from Oroville found herself stranded when she attempted to take the back roads to her parents’ home, shortly after she started feeling contractions. According to KCRA Panghorn had been shown the back way path before but had never traveled it by herself.

She eventually ran out of cell phone reception and gas and had to deliver her baby by herself in the Plumas County National Forest.

CBS News reported that it took three days before Panghorn and her newborn were found. She survived on soda, a small bottle of water and thee apples she happened to have in her car. Panghorn didn’t cut the umbilical cord until the next night because she wasn’t sure where her next meal would come from.

Panghorn attempted to leave the car several times but found herself getting attacked by bees and mosquitoes, even suffering a bee sting. When she was finally able to leave her car she decided to start a small brush fire in order for them to be found.

Yahoo! News reported that the fire was found by a United States Forest workers and the two were then rescued. Since the ordeal both mother and baby have been taken to the hospital and are expected to be reunited soon.

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