Your Morning Sickness Survival List


There’s nothing worse than being pregnant and feeling sick. Morning sickness can affect the best of us, but it’s really about eating the right foods even when nothing sounds good. Here are some ideas of what to have stocked around the house so you can just grab the goodies and go.

Natural Saltines
Saltines are many pregnant woman’s go-to snack for when they start to feel queasy. There’s something in these salty, and bland crackers that do just the trick. Keep these close to stave off hunger in between meals or if you’re feeling a little nauseous.

Ginger Chews
Many health professionals recommend ginger for anyone that has an upset stomach. The calming, and natural effects ginger has on the body is no wonder why it’s a persons “go-to” for an upset stomach.

Naturally you’ll get dehydrated much faster when you’re pregnant, so make sure you’re hydrating throughout the day. When you’re pregnant and dehydrated, this may lead to a ton of unpleasant symptoms, along with being nauseated.

Hot Tea
Sipping on hot tea isn’t only relaxing, but it’s also calming for the body. Depending on which kind you’re sipping, some blends can help with headaches, nausea, lactation, and so much more.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste
No matter if you’re throwing up or not, having a clean mouth after you eat your breakfast, lunch or dinner will always make you feel better. It’s definitely nice to freshen up, especially if you’ve had a bout of tummy troubles away from home.

Burt’s Bees Facial Wipes
These facial wipes are not only 99.99% natural, they’re also an amazing thing to use if you’re just not feeling to good. A quick swipe of a refreshing facial wipe will provide you with an instant boost for a feel-better day.

Acupressure Bands
These bands were designed to get rid of a travelers bout of sea and car sickness, but work for mothers as well. For mothers who get attacked frequently found these bands to be a huge help.

Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Hand Lotion
This is an all natural, and fair trade product. It’s also aa wonderful and soothing scent that will calm your senses and soothe your aching body. Also, if you’re around any unpleasant scents, keep this bottle close and sniff to soothe your aching stomach.

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