Why It’s Important To Let Your Kids Get Messy


Every child is different in their own unique way, but one thing most kids have in common is their need to make a mess. Living with children can may you feel like you’re living in one big mess, cleaning every minute of the day. Even though it’s important to teach your little one how to clean up after themselves, it’s also good if they create a mess from time to time. Here are some reasons why you can let your little one get a little dirty throughout the day.

Helps them build their independence
When you give your little one the control they desire, you may end up with a mess. This doesn’t mean this hurts your child because in reality this builds their confidence in so many ways. When your little one turns 9 months old, let them pick little foods off of their plate, and then when they’re one, give them a fork.

Helps to keep them to be clean
No parent wants their house full of clutter. But when your little one is making the mess, they are more than likely to clean it up. No matter what, let them know you expect things to be cleaned and if they make a mess, they need to clean it up. Offer rewards to maintain good behavior.

Helps them make a masterpiece
If your little one is ready to have some fun, let them  paint with supervision in the bathtub. You can make homemade paint to give your little one by using a mixture of baby shampoo, cornstarch and food coloring. All they’ll need is some paint brushes or even their fingers to paint with.

Help them get creative with crafts
Letting your kids craft is a wonderful way for them to explore different things. Teaching your little one to use kid-friendly scissors helps them build muscle, which also helps them to grasp a pencil better. If you’re worried about the mess, lay newspaper and teach them only to craft on the paper.

Helps them to use their imagination
It’s important to let your child play in an area where they know they can make a mess. This area should be free of any televisions, electronics and video games. You want to make sure your child is getting the most out of where they go to school.

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