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Mackenzie Moretter’s Birthday Party Goes Viral

mackenzie moretter

Minnesota Girls Birthday Party Goes Viral

Over 400 people helped celebrate at a Minnesota girl’s birthday party after a plea from her mother on Facebook. The mother of ten year old Mackenzie Moretter sent out the plea after her daughter, who has Sotos syndrome, had last minute cancellations or potential no-shows for her upcoming birthday party. Mackenzie Moretter had endured being ostracized before from kids in her school, so her mother swung into action. She was hoping for around a dozen kids to respond to her Facebook invitation. Instead the entire community decided to throw a memorable shindig that turned the Minnesota girl’s birthday party into a celebration.

Minnesota Girls Birthday Party a Huge Success

For Mackenzie Moretter, her form of gigantism has given her speech and learning delays that coupled with her larger size and social disabilities left her often friendless at school. But she is by and large a happy child and her mother didn’t want a repeat of the previous year where invitations were ignored and the young girl spent the day with her family waiting for guests that never arrived. When Mackenzie’s mother made the decision to post about her daughter’s birthday party, she was hoping to find 10-15 local mothers with daughter’s around the same age who would read it and react. But when the post was picked up by bloggers and went viral, the entire community heard her story and decided to react. Everyone got involved, from local firemen to a nearby amusement park. Even Minnesota Vikings Charles Johnson came with his two daughters.

Community Pitches In

Besides the 400 guests, the mascots from ValleyFair Family Amusement Park and several surprise guest appearances, food and entertainment was supplied by local businesses.  Arts and crafts tables were set up, a local DJ provided the music, and there were balloons for the kids and even a bubble machine. All in all it was an amazing display of love and community spirit. All for a little Mackenzie Moretter’s birthday party because she just wanted the same thing every little girl wants, a party with a few friends. Lucky for her she had a mom who was determined to make it happen and a community that truly responded.

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