Losing Baby Weight In 7 Steps

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I’ve spent the last several years between 10 and 15 pounds chronically overweight (even between pregnancies), tired, and uncomfortable in my own clothes. (Which is horrible. Because I have fabulous clothes.) During my last (fourth) pregnancy I finally got on top of the weight issue and discovered from my own experience and some research that there are a few post-baby weight-loss strategies that really make all the difference. Losing baby weight really comes down to one issue: stress. Studies have proven that it’s nearly impossible to get your body to drop weight when you’re sleep deprived and stressed, and the stress on your body from dieting can actually make things worse. Here are some strategies with those foundational principles in mind, but also remember that most moms don’t reach their pre-pregnancy weight until their babies are 1 year old. (It’s not healthy to even start your efforts until forty days postpartum.)

Losing Baby Weight Tip 1: Be Gentle With Yourself And Have Some Fun

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Losing Baby Weight

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