Is Our Generation Losing the Ability to Love?

Why this generation cant love

One of the questions that seem to remain has to be whether or not we’ll be the generation to accept love or the generation to give up on that idea all together.

As a generation, we’re becoming more egocentric
This is simple. If you think about it, we’re all egocentric. There’s not a lot of people that don’t think of themselves first before anyone else, and this isn’t considered to be good. This is the way the world is and there’s nothing we can do about it. The problem will only get worse if our egocentricity overtakes our ability to feel empathetic.

There are way too many of us that sleep around
There are many of us that haven’t been taught what morals are and some of us just think it’s best to sleep with numerous people. When people sleep around, it just leaves the mind to feel empty, and you’ll never fully commit to one person.

We all believe in fairy-tale endings…nothing is perfect
When we were young, most of us grew up watching Disney movies where there’s always a fairy tale ending. The problem is, life isn’t perfect and no one, not even the two happiest people on Earth have a marriage that is perfect. What were doing is creating impossible expectations in our head, leaving us disappointed.

Most of us do a terrible job at loving
Most people feel that love is confusing and in order to undue the many layers of it you’ll need to spend a ton of time with the person. Even though each person is different, most people seem to be incredibly lost when it comes to loving someone else.

Our culture now is driven by drugs and alcohol
When anyone feels sad or unhappy, they drink or take drugs to numb the pain. Although not everyone drinks and does drugs, it has definitely taken a turn for the worse.

We care so much about instant gratification
The sad thing about our generation is we all have the need to want something right then and we don’t have time to wait. If we want to eat, we order it and have it delivered, or if were bored we play on our phone. This tends to play havoc with our love lives, but love isn’t meant to be instantly felt, it’s supposed to be felt over a lifetime.

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