Healthy Snacks

The Importance Of Healthy Snacks For Your Toddler

Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks are a great way to nourish the body, without spoiling your appetite. When it comes to toddlers, snacking on healthy snacks should be a staple in their diet. It’s next to impossible to give them all their nutrients needed during for the day, especially when their stomach is so small. When your toddler is given food throughout the day, there’s a much better chance they won’t have any tantrums for being hungry.

Set A Meal Plan
The best meal plan for your growing toddler is giving six small meals a day. Awhile back, it was thought to give your children three square meals a day, but it actually increases the metabolism when a person eats throughout the day. Giving your toddler food throughout the day will keep their stomach satisfied, and their blood sugar and energy levels on point. It’s important to establish a routine with your child, and its important to not let them eat throughout the entire day. Have a set schedule when it comes to their meals. For example, in the morning you’ll want to give a healthy breakfast, a healthy mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, dinner, and then a snack before bed. When your child knows what to expect, this will give them some sort of gage telling them when their full, promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Snack Ideas:

  • Protein shake with fresh kale, apples, pineapple, coconut water and protein powder. Substitute rice milk, frozen acai bars, frozen mango and frozen peaches for a delicious concoction.
  • Dip a banana in vanilla yogurt then roll it around crushed whole-grain organic cereal, and then freeze.
  • Whole-wheat pita bread cut in triangles or whole-wheat crackers served with melted cheese or cut up bite-sized cheeses.
  • Organic cottage cheese served with cut-up peaches, pineapple or nectarines on the side.
  • Make ants on a log, grab some fresh celery and top it with peanut butter (or any kind of nut butter), sprinkle them with raisins. Experts believe it can actually help allergies by giving small infants peanut protein. Talk with your pediatrician.
  • Apple slices with cut up cheese bites and peanut butter to dip.
  • Cut up turkey and cheese into bite sized squares and serve with crackers so they can make a little sandwich out of them.
  • Natural tortilla chips served with fresh veggies

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