The Importance Of The Imagination

 imaginationIn the world of childhood and when talking about our child reaching specific goals for their cognitive development, we often use phrases like “critical thinking skills” and “creative problem-solving abilities.” In other words we’re talking about imagination. It’s important to be the parent who wants to create a child with an imagination. This starts at the earliest of age, and requires a parent to provide their child with the opportunities to play. Let your child play! No matter if it’s with dough, paints, costumes, glue or with crayons, and as long as your little one is making a mess, they’re playing. Let them explore the outside (with you of course) and see their imaginative side come out.

As a parent, are you providing your children with enough opportunities to use their imagination? If your child is sitting in front of the television, computer, or playing video games, they’re being passive participants. Instead of using their time and space to dream up their own story, they have to listen to someone else’s story. If your child is enrolled in sports, dance class, or gymnastics all in the same week, this is good because their developing skills, but given no opportunity to use their imagination. When your child is given the free time to use their imagination, they’ll be able to decide what fantasy they want to explore, or what they’d like to discover more at their own pace. If given the chance, your child will be able to discover what they want to discover, not what someone else tells them to.

What it comes down to is having a change of mind. Many parents feel if children are given too much free time during the day, they are wasting time not giving them the opportunities to learn and get prepared for the future. These parental choices aren’t done because they don’t love their child, most are done with the best of intentions. According to current child development theory and research, children aren’t given enough time by their parents to be free or given the space to develop thoughts and creative imaginations. If children complain about being bored, let them figure it out for themselves. Their innate creativity will kick in and before you know it, and their imaginations will soar.

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