How To Make Breakfasts Healthier

Breakfast is the most important meal, having a healthy and hearty one can keep you fueled and happy for the rest of the day. It is therefore unfortunate that most people skip breakfast for the lack of time.  For those who have it, what they manage for breakfast is so unhealthy that the risk is almost the same as that of someone who has skipped it.

Every mom and wife should have several quick breakfast recipes to escape to and give her family a well-deserved nutritious breakfast. The following are some ideas that you can incorporate into your healthy breakfast ideas to improve on variety, especially if there are kids involved, they need the energy more.

A fresh fruit is necessary every morning. With plenty of variety and seasonable availability, fruits can provide nutrition and savory flavor for your meals. You can feel free to incorporate a low fat yogurt can be given on some days to prevent monotony, avoid no-fat yogurts as they tend to be higher on sugar.

Peanut butter is something you should always have in your kitchen and you can use it in several ways. The kids will most likely love maize porridge with peanut butter if they get used to it, instead of the refined cereals they will most likely eat. Peanut butter sandwiches can also be made a part of breakfast, and provide energy and protein to keep them fueled.

Nutritional value of milk is undoubted particular for kids, but the problem comes with which type of milk is right due to the many conflicting ideas we get from those who claim to know. You can boil butternuts or sweet potatoes the night before and the re-heat in the morning. Mixing one of these with a glass of milk is very healthy and fulfilling. If you top this with a fruit then your child will be covered throughout the morning until lunch time.

The best thing that a mother can do is teach her family the advantages of not only a breakfast; but a healthy one with all the required nutrients. What you teach them will remain with them and make them better adults when their time comes.

Author: Tania Canesi



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