mini vacation

How To Make A Mini Vacation Memorable

mini vacation

How To Make A Mini Vacation Memorable

Family vacations in the past have been considered a luxury, but now they’re seen as an essential. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to spend time with your family on a mini vacation, especially if you stay close to home. Create a special bond with your family by making unforgettable memories in the many special moments you’ll share together. Here’s how to make your mini vacation a memorable time, while also leaving an imprint on your children’s hearts, so they’ll remember this mini vacation forever.


What To Bring

Here’s some items to bring for your family members to make a mini vacation a more memorable experience. Pack a journal to record any thoughts or feelings you’ll have throughout the trip. A camera will enhance the trip because you’ll be able to snap pics of anything you find memorable to add to a scrapbook or your family time capsule. A map and highlighter to mark all the places you drive or to highlight the route. Comfortable walking shoes to take hikes, are extremely important. A small box so that your kids can collect seashells, rocks or anything your they find memorable. Don’t forget time capsules for each one of your kids and an extra one for your whole family.


Preserve Souvenirs

When you decide on a place to travel with your family, don’t forget to let your children preserve their family fun by grabbing some souvenirs. What a great way to pass the time by grabbing souvenirs each time you stop. Your family can also make a game out by collecting items and adding it to the family time capsule during the trip. If the family agrees, add a family motto to the capsule and leave it behind for others to find.


Create Memories

Save your children’s capsules for when your they grow older. Adding the souvenirs they bought while also adding any other postcards or pictures from the trip, will be a great way to preserve those memories you shared as a family. When each of your children open their time capsules in the future, they’ll feel as if they’re on mini vacation all over again. This will spark wonderful conversation between you and your family members and give your children this wonderful tradition to pass onto their children someday.

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