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How To Find Role Models For Your Children Being A Single Parent

How To Find Role Models For Your Children Being A Single Parent

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Single parents carry an enormous amount of responsibility, especially those who have sole, and/or primary custody of their minor children. One of the most challenging aspects of being a single parent, is integrating the balance of a male or female perspective into the lives of their young children.


Positive role models are one of the most powerful tools a child can have. We often find these treasures throughout our life. As we grow older, we go through different phases and our needs change. We need guidance in our career, raising our children and simply finding out where we belong. Finding a person with the right amount of character and purpose, will greatly benefit children as much as their parents.


Be Involved In The Community.

By getting involved in your community, your children will see what it’s like to help and will inspire them to be better. Being involved in the community will bring you in contact with other people and attending church is a wonderful place to meet good, solid individuals. Make sure to choose a well-respected church because sometimes the best people are within your church walls.


Your Child’s School.

If your a single mom or single dad, your child’s school is a worthwhile place to your child can be around good people. Single dads can rest assure that their children will be around a wonderful female teacher because most teachers can make an impact on their children’s lives. Some schools have programs that take time to mentor individual students, which is worth investigating to see if there’s a program.


Family Members.

You might have a wonderful brother or sister who provides wonderful role models, an ideal uncle or aunt, or maybe even your parents or grandparents who could devote some special time with your child. Family members on both sides are worth investigating and talking to because you might find the best role models within your own family.


Parents Of Friends.

Children yearn to have a relationship with the opposite sex that is lacking in their life. Sometimes the parents of other children can be good examples for your child but make sure you have background knowledge of who your child is around. Get involved with parents at school and have an understanding of who your child is hanging around.

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