How To Deal With An Unfriendly Pet Around The Family


A pet in your home can be an exciting thing for your kids and yourself.  They can be lovable and best friends in time of need.  However, what if you have an unfriendly pet in your home?  You will need to decide if it’s best to try to train the pet or to get rid of it.


First off, introducing your children to dogs will mean teaching them a few things first.  Most children love to pull hair and possibly be a bit rough with a dog and even a cat.  This is going to make most any animal react in a bad way, unless they now the child and have learned that the child will not hurt them.


What if you are outside the home though and run into a dog that is unfriendly, how to you handle this situation?  Say you go to the park and your child sees a dog they want to pet, how do you deal with this?


Of course you will always ask the owner if your child can pet the child.  The owner will know the dog and its temperament.  If it’s a dog who doesn’t really get along well with a child, they will tell you this, and avoid a possible bite or at the least a scared child and dog.


Never allow your child to tease a dog, especially one that you don’t know.  If you have a pet and they know the child, it may be okay, as long as no harm comes to the pet in the process.


What about when a strange dog comes up to your child?  You will need to teach your child that they should never run, but stand completely still, allowing the dog to sniff them.  Don’t make any loud noises, or any noises at all.  Also tell your child that they should not look directly into the dogs eyes, as this will be seen as a challenge to the dog.

However, what if you’re pet at home acts strangely around your child?  It can create a situation where you feel there is no other choice but to get rid of the pet.  Most pets, if you buy them at a younger age, will be able to be trained to love your family.  Just be sure that you watch the child so they aren’t inadvertently hurting the animal and causing it to be aggressive.  In this case you may actually have to teach your child how to treat the pet, and the pet will be just fine.






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