The Hottest Baby Names Of 2015

Popular Baby Names (and Their Meanings) for 2015

Choosing the right name for your new baby can be really tough.  If you are struggling you might want to consider one of the top ten names for your child.  If you can not find one you love in this list you can check out the other most popular names here.  Plus, you can check out the meaning and see what type of name seems to fit your family and your little one the best.

 Countdown to the Top Boy’s Name of 2015

popular baby names boys

Elijah – The name Elijah comes from Hebrew origins.  It’s meaning is “Jehovah is God.”

James James is another name that came from Hebrew origin.  The meaning of the name is “he who supplants.”

Jacob – Jacob is a Hebrew name as well.  There are two known meanings for the name Jacob.  They are “he who supplants.” (Yes, this is the same as James.  Actually in the Old Testament of the Bible the name James is actually Jacob.)  The other meaning is “to track or follow.”

Lucas – Lucas is a transferred surname.  It is a very popular name in Germany.

Jackson – Jackson comes from Old English.  The meaning of the name is “son of Jack.”

Logan – Logan is a name from Gaelic origin.  It’s meaning is “hollow” or “little hollow.”

Ethan – The name Ethan comes from Hebrew origin.  The meaning of the name is “firmness, long-lived.”

Mason – Mason is a name that is English derived.  It means “one who works with stone” so it occupationally derived.  The name has been used since the 19th century.

Noah – Noah also originated in Hebrew.  The name Noah has a number of different meanings which include:  “peaceful,” “long-lived,” “wanderer,” and “comforter.”

Liam – The name Liam is the number one boy’s name of 2015 and comes from the Old Gernam origin.  The name means “determined protector.”

 Countdown to the Top Girl’s Name of 2015

popular baby names girls

Abigail – The name Abigail comes from Hebrew origin.  The meaning of the name is “father of exaltation.”  It is another name that can be found in the Bible.

Madison – Madison is a name that comes from Old English origin.  The name Madison means “son of the almighty warrior.”

Amelia – The name Amelia has two origins which are Old German and Latin.  It’s meaning is “rival, eager work.”  It is actually the blend of two names which are the Latin name Emelia and the Latin German name Amalia.

Charlotte – Charlotte comes from Old German origins.  The meaning of the name Charlotte is “free man.”

Mia – The name Mia has origins that are Scandanavian, Israeli, and Latin.  The name is a shortened form of other names.  In Sandanavian and Latin it is a shortened version of the name Maria.  In Israeli it is the female version of the name Michal.

Isabella – Isabella is a name with Hebrew origin.  The meaning of this name is “God is my oath.”

Sophia – Sophia is a name that has Greek origins.  It’s meaning is “wisom” and has been seen around since the 17th century.

Ava – The name Ava has origins that are not completey certain.  There is speculation that the name has German origins but it could have come from the following origins.  Hebrew origin meaning “serpent” or “life.”  Latin origin meaning “bird.” It could also have been a variation of a medieval name.

Olivia – Olivia comes from Latin origins.  The meaning of the name Olivia is “olive tree.”

Emma – 2015’s most common girl’s name is Emma.  The name Emma comes from Old German and Old French origin.  The meaning of this name is “entire, universal.”  It was introduced by the Normans.

These are just the top ten most popular names for both boys and girls.  Your inspiration for naming your child can come from anywhere.  My own children are each named after someone or something important to us.



This post was written by Amanda Walton.  Amanda is a mom of four, runs Simply Shawn N Jenn, writes for and edits Real Family Travel Magazine, and is a regular contributor to WDW Magazine.

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