Halloween Safety Tips for Teens


When the kids are little Halloween can be a fun time for parents. We set off in the early evening with our costumed tykes and bask in the joy of watching them scream “trick or treat” and giggle amongst themselves at how clever they are in their costumes. Best of all it is all over by around 8PM when our tired little group heads back for home and bed. That is not the scenario that unfolds as they get older. By their tweens they explain with infinite patience that none of their friend’s parents are stalking them as they go along their route, why should you? So while you understand their need to venture out on their own to either neighborhood parties or even, if your neighborhood still does this, door to door trick or treating, it can be unsafe. Recently parenting expert Erika Katz talked about what we as parents can do to help keep our older kids safe this Halloween.

Erika Katz Halloween Safety Tips

Plan Ahead – Talk with your kids about the safe and unsafe areas in your neighborhood. Use a map if needed to show them where they can and cannot go this night. If trick or treating is still an option, be sure and discuss with them the best options for this that will also keep them safe.

Use Technology – If your kids have a cell phone, use it. Add an app that tracks them to be sure that they stay in the areas discussed. Also, establish times for them to call in and a time when they need to be home.

Beware of Braces – This is a time when many kids are wearing corrective braces on their teeth. Make sure they avoid sticky candies such as toffees and tootsie rolls so you can skip the expensive emergency trip to the orthodontist.

House Party – If you are up to it, why not host a house party for the kids at your home? This way you know where they are and their friend’s parents are more than welcome to visit as well. If not at your home, why not work with other parents to organize a neighborhood party at a set location you all agree to?

Make It A Safe Halloween For All

If the kids are planning to roam around at night, make sure they can be seen. Whether they are heading out to a party with friends, going door to door trick or treating or simply hanging with a best buddy, the streets are dark and filled with distracted drivers. Reflective tape on sneakers and even clothing can make a huge difference on a night like this. The streets will be chaotic, make sure they are clearly visible to drivers on this night.

So enjoy this time, whatever age your kids may be. All too soon they will decide they are too old for such childish events and head out to drink and party with their friends on this night. When that happens we will all reminisce about the days when they were little ghosts and superheroes ready to demand their treats for the night.

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