Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Stack a lantern


These silly-faced jack-o-lanterns may look rather precarious, but they’re actually held up by a fence post which is nailed to the ground. You’ll first want to pound a steel U-post to the ground. Before you start carving your pumpkins, carve a 4-to-5 inch wide hole in the top and bottom of all the pumpkins you want to use. You’ll want to use as many as it takes to cover the entire post and leave one of the tops intact, which will be the last one you put on.

masked pumpkins

Masked Pumpkins

This is one of the cutest ideas if you have children. This requires no sharp tools and you won’t need to carve these. You’ll want to start by tracing a mask shape onto a stiff felt and use adhesive backing to make it stick. You can cut your masks whatever shapes you like, and use googly eyes and a pom-pom for a nose.


Hop on Top

All you need to complete this picture is three pumpkins that stack very well, and some props to make the pumpkins “come alive.” You can use an old hat for the youngest child on top, some winding yarn for the little girls pigtails, and for the dad’s hair you can cut craft fur into the kind of hair you want (shaggy, short, spiked).


Disco Nights

If you’re having a Halloween party, decorating pumpkins like a disco ball may give it the perfect touch. To get this look, lay strips of duct tape onto parchment paper, then cut them into decent sized squares. To finish, peel the backing and stick the squares onto the pumpkin.


Lashes & Stashes

This adorable idea could be for a couple of pumpkins, or a family of pumpkins, and is so easy to do. Just cut the preferred lashes and stache that you want to add to your pumpkin from black card stock or craft foam.

Pumpkin Babies

Pumpkin Babies

To make these adorable sleeping baby pumpkins come alive, you’ll want to buy small, round pumpkins. Next, cut the pacifier out of two pacifiers and attach them with a couple of pins, pressing them through any holes in the pacifier. Finally, add the eyes with a black permanent marker, and top the head with a cap and if there’s a curly stem tie a ribbon into a bow.

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