Grandparents and Technology


Looking for a way to bridge that generation gap between your parents and your kids? For many the biggest gap comes because of the lightening speed changes technology brings. But instead of making technology the wall that separates the generations; you can have it be the bridge that fills the gap.

Tip #1 – Get Them Upgraded
Instead of feeling trapped between the old tech of your parents and your kid’s complete comfort with everything new, why not encourage them to update? Gifting a tablet to your parents might be a great first step. They are fairly intuitive to use and have a multitude of ways they can use them to reach out to their beloved grandkids.

Tip #2 – Learn Together
Smartphone plans make it easy to add a grandparent along with your kids to one big family plan. We found it easiest to simply have everyone show up at the provider’s store and get our new devices together. This way the kids can show grandma and grandpa how to take pictures, call them and use apps on their new smartphone. Teaching grandparents the joy of Facebook to stay on top of grandchildren’s lives is just a plus.

Tip #3 – Connecting Beyond Social Media
While it is true that most kids would rather take pics of themselves and their lives for their friends rather than their grandparents on social media, the end result is still the same. But beyond social media, apps like Skype can help your parents and your kids stay connected. This is especially true for grandparents live a distance from you and your family. Seeing the kids dressed for prom or video chatting with the little ones can go a long way to bridging that tech and distance gap.

Tip #4 – Someone to Watch Over You
While most parents want to know what their kids are doing online, it isn’t that surprising that they can’t always be on top of it. A recent survey revealed 47% of parents don’t know what their kids are into online. Having an extra set of eyes in the form of grandparents who have an online presence can make a difference. Teens in particular admit they would alter their behavior if they thought their parents were watching them online.

Tip #5 – Reach Out with Technology
So don’t count technology out when it comes to connecting the generations. When your kids learn how to safely share with their grandparents, we all gain. They get to know and respect their grandparents, your parents are a part of all your lives and your kids have one more set of people who watch out for them. In a world where face-to-face time is less and less available, technology may be the tether that connects us all.

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