Let’s Raise Our Girls to Have A Positive Body Image

In today’s society, the facts are quite disturbing. The Center for Disease Control and National Association of Eating Disorders have stated, girls at the tender age of 6 will start to express concerns regarding their weight and overall shape of their body. The scary thing being half of the nation’s young girls are unhappy with their bodies.

We’ve gathered 4 effective strategies to help us teach our girls to develop positive body images for themselves:


1. Talk to your daughter about who she is, rather than how she looks.


As parents, we find ourselves complimenting our daughter on how she looks, rather than what she did to better the world. We see our daughter and tell her how beautiful she looks, so what’s wrong with that? It’s important to compliment girls on their assertiveness, challenging their mind and letting them know your digging deeper than what they look like. Telling them “The way you handled that situation was wonderful,” or “I love that your stood up for yourself today” and if your child is mad, “ You and I disagree, but I respect your thinking.”

2. Talk about women in the media.


Girls tend to have their body image shaped by what they see around them which tends to be mainstream media and girls in magazines. They often idealize these girls because of how the way they look, rather than what they can do. Talk about what they see on television and what could be used to balance out these images.

3. Think about the messages your conveying to your child.


Many mothers tend to overemphasize their daughters’ appearance when their born. This starts out being simply worried about what their child is going to wear, making sure the world responds correctly to their child. The gender-based exceptions our society has created is the reason why mothers act this way towards their girl. By the age of six, girls have already figured out that their body is a selling point because parents respond to only the way they look. This is strictly unhealthy and the sole reason why girls are developing a non-healthy and sexualized relationship with their bodies.

4. Protect their girlhood.


It’s as simple as limiting what kind of clothes your buying for your daughter because parents tend to dress their child older than what they are. A girl should dress like a girl and not let anything get in the way of them experiencing their bodies as children.

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