using your brain

Fun Outdoor Activities To Give Your Brain Exercise

using your brain

During summer break, it’s crucial to keep children’s brains challenged. Summer break may only be a mere 10 weeks long, but it’s in that time that parents forget what kids spent the previous months working so hard to learn. Studies have shown that kids who don’t work in the summer will lose the skills they’ve acquired in the recent months. The problem comes in the fall when teachers have to spend extra time in the classroom to bring these kids up to speed.

Summer is a great time to awaken the brains of your kids, and help them discover the joy of learning. There are many activities that have been approved by experts and can use a child’s brain, while being outside. The following activities are supported by continued learning, and by creating opportunities for your children to be creative, critically think, and to solve problems. Try these fun-filled activities with your children today.

outdoor adventure

Enrich in an outdoor adventure.

Start by using a driving question which helps children to understand what the day will be initiated by so they can focus discovery and learning. As your child’s parent, encourage them to take learning to the next step and have them participate in developing the next question. You can also ask your children questions like “Imagine your in charge of getting kids off electronics during the summer and into spending time outside. What would the brochure look like?”

Take a trip

Take a day trip with another family.

When we experience things as a group this helps us to better communicate and interact with others. We learn important skills we may not realize at the time were learning, but they become beneficial to us in the future.

plant trees

Join a community event and plant trees.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get out and help in your community, while also getting some exercise. Have your child study and discuss how trees are beneficial to our environment and why. 


Choose a weekly theme and explore together.

As parents, we can model a love of learning together, and when you live a life of enthusiasm, this is the best kind of life you can live. Find a list of themes and discuss them together as a family.

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