Entertaining A Kid On An Airplane  


Taking a kid on a flight is never a fun thing, not only for the parent, but for others on the flight.  Just the thought of a child screaming on a plane as the hours crawl by is something that many people want to avoid.  So why not find good ways of entertaining a kid on an airplane?  Your child and everyone else will thank you!


One great way to keep them entertained is by getting presents before the flight.  When they get on the plane, let them open one at a time.  Preferably, you’ve bought a toy or something that will help to keep them busy and quiet on the flight.  Books, cars, puzzles that are small, all of those will work.  Plus the child will love to unwrap the present.


Food is yet another thing that will keep your child busy and quiet.  Though you won’t want to load them up with sugar.  So bring some healthier options along, but nothing that will have them complaining because they think your feeding them health food!  Good ideas are gold fish, carrots, pretzels and raisins.


Books are another way to keep your child busy, and a great way to keep them entertained.  Especially if they are really into the book, they will love the fact that they are able to read without interruption.

Besides things to keep your child busy, the more comfortable they are on the plane the better behaved they may be, so have them wear comfy clothes for the trip.  Also be sure to have a blanket, perhaps their favorite that they are able to use in case they get cold during the flight.


Coloring books are always a good way to keep your young one entertained.  In fact, they have many books that have both activities and pictures to color.  This should be something that will have them busy for quite some time.


There could be some great little art projects that you can buy at a store to bring along.  As long as they don’t require a lot of work, they will give your child something to work with, and keep their hands and minds busy.


If you’re lucky, you’ll have enough planned for the trip that you won’t need more ideas.  Or your child may simply fall asleep for a bit, and the worry will be gone.  But a child can be quiet during a flight, and this is what you should work at accomplishing!



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