4 Educational Apps Your Kids Will Love


Kids are curious about everything around them, as any parent knows who answers the eternal question “Why?” Luckily there are some amazing apps out there that will encourage your kids questioning minds while entertaining them. So whether you are looking for a little peace and quiet from that noisy 3 year old or looking to encourage a precocious tween, we have some great apps for you.

The Magic School Bus: Ocean (Scholastic) – Kids from 6-8 will love to follow the adventures of Ms. Frizzle and her students as they head for aquatic locations unknown! This interactive book is designed for iPads and is filled with videos, pictures and tons of science facts.

Stack the States (FreeCloud) – This is more of a game where the kids age 9 to 11 learn the shapes and names of all the states. They also learn capitals, abbreviations and eventually fill in an entire map of the U.S. It’s a puzzle, a slider game and more. Designed for iPhone, iPad and Android in iTunes and Google Play.

Dextria Dots 2 (BinaryLabs) – The goofy art will amuse adults but kids love this skill game based in math. Players combine dots that represent numbers or divide them to solve problems. In addition to honing their math skills, the game will also help kids age six and over to improve their motor skills. Available for iPad and iPhone only through iTunes.

Plants (TinyBop) – A beautifully done nature based game to introduce kids six and up to the world of wildlife. They can watch the seasons unfold, create storms and see the effects and even speed up time. It is designed with open play in mind so every adventure is different. Available through iTunes for the iPhone or iPad.

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