Easy Summer Sandwiches


Sandwiches are just about the perfect food for those quick lunches in the summer. There is no cooking involved, you can make them from what is in the fridge, and best of all they are quick! We are blessed with a wonderful local bakery in my neighborhood that makes amazing bread. It probably makes my summer choice of sandwiches all the easier. So what makes a great summer sandwich? I would say the best are those that utilize what is fresh now. Here are my ideas of a great summer sandwich.

The Basic Veggie Sandwich

You can’t go wrong with the basics. In the summer I love to grab tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and perhaps a bit of red onion or bell peppers for a summer sandwich. There may be nothing fancy about this, but it is crunchy, sweet and perfectly chilling. If you want to dress it up, try making up some yummy tzatziki sauce to use instead of mayo. You can use the leftover sauce for a dip for your afternoon snacks.

Smoked Salmon Sandwich

Take that leftover baked salmon, mix it up with a bit of smoked salmon, then add in some chopped celery, chives and capers. Mix it up in some lovely mayo, add salt and pepper and lemon juice and voila! This is great to make in a bigger batch and use over a couple of days. It goes so lovely with pumpernickel bread and a bit of lettuce will add to the crunch.

Beets in a Sandwich!

It is beet season and they are lovely roasted in the oven. Next time, roast a few extras to put aside for lunch. Slice up and add in with a mild soft goat cheese and raisons for a bit of a sweet touch. Top with lettuce on a Kaiser roll for a wonderful lunch treat.

The Old Fashion BLT with Style

I love making a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich in the summer when the tomatoes are so amazing. Why not add in some avocado this summer and maybe substitute yogurt for the mayo. I love to add a bit of crushed garlic to the yogurt to make it a wonderful sandwich spread for any summer sandwich.

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