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The Differences With Your Second Pregnancy

second pregnancyAll pregnancies are special, but there’s nothing like the first experience expecting. You may feel that your second pregnancy won’t be given the red carpet treatment like your first, but thats okay. It’s important to understand that every pregnancy is unique, and with that comes many of the same symptoms, but some could be different. One of the best differences with the second pregnancy would have to be watching the excitement on your little one’s face when they meet their sibling.

Here are some differences to expect the second time around:

  1. You might start to show a month sooner. When a woman expects for the second time, her uterus was much smaller and it never shrinks back down to its previous size, which causes woman to show much sooner.
  2. The baby is carried much lower. During a first pregnancy, abdominal muscles are stretched and they tend to get much weaker by the second pregnancy. Unless these muscles are strengthened before, they won’t be able to support the baby as well as the first time around. One of the downsides to carrying lower is the constant pressure you’ll feel on the pelvic area and bladder, causing both pain and discomfort.
  3. You know the feeling of the baby sooner. This is one of the earliest differences in all second time pregnancies across the world. When a woman is expecting her first child, she generally notices the baby kicking around her 5th month. When a mother knows what to expect the second time around, she’ll start to feel these movements way sooner. Around the third month of pregnancy, baby’s movements feel like tiny bubbles often mistaken for gas in first time mamas.
  4. Your life now. One of the biggest differences is that you will be caring for another child during this pregnancy, and you could become irritable if your not feeling well.
  5. Labor and delivery will be quicker. The best news is that both labor and delivery will be faster. Your body has already experienced labor first time around, and therefore it already knows how to prepare. The cervix has also lost some of its rigidity, making it easier to dilate.

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