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Daycare Kids – The Truth

Daycare Kids – The Truth

daycare kids

For many of us while we may have grown up with stay at home moms the reality for our kids is very different. Whether work is something you look forward to or simply need to do to pay the bills, once the thrill of pushing a small bundle of joy out of a very small opening has worn off, it is time to figure out the best place for the kids while you earn the bacon. So unless you are lucky enough to have parents who adore being a full time babysitter for free, you are probably considering entering your kids into that dreaded category of daycare kids. While the very phrase daycare kids may conjure up images of giant warehouses of unwashed and uncared for kids, the truth is that many daycare centers are great places. Here are a few falsehoods about daycare kids and the truth you may not know.

Daycare Kids Need Their Mom

While this sentiment about “strangers” caring for our kids is all fine and good, it is a bit harsh on all those stay at home dads. Truth is, your kids need socializing of all types to grow up balanced and self assured. They get this from being daycare kids with plenty of both adults and kids of all ages to learn the tricks of dealing with a social world.

Daycare Kids Are Left Wild

This is about as far from the truth of most daycare centers as you can be. They thrive on structure in these places for the simple reason it would be bedlam without it. Meal times are strictly structured, as are play times, nap times and all other fun events. Trust me, your kid is getting a great lesson in cooperation and time structure if they are daycare kids.

Daycare Costs More Than I Make

I hear this one plenty, and the truth is that for most parents it just isn’t true. Beyond the dollars and sense, your job pays for things like health insurance; you probably contribute to the kid’s college fund and your own retirement fund out of it and plenty of other perks. Plus many states offer tax write-offs for daycare so check with your tax accountant for that information before making the decision.

Daycare Kids Turn Out Bad

I guess like any other type of upbringing, some do and some don’t. On the whole though, kids brought up in good daycare centers are well adjusted, socially attuned and ready for school. Dollar for dollar, it is still the best investment you can make for your kids, and it also helps them to compete on a level playing field with all those other kids who are going to daycare today.

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