D.I.Y. Paper Garland

Have family fun as you follow the next very simple steps to immerse you and your family in a Christmas deco-making fun activity. The kids will be ecstatic that they have contributed to decorating the house for the holidays.

Items you will need

  1. Christmas gift wrappers, preferably multiple coloured ones.
  2. A pair of scissors for cutting
  3. Paper glue which holds fast
  4. Various paint colours

How to go about it

  1. Cut the Christmas gift wrappers into strips of different sizes. The sizes should be up to you but can range from 1,5cm x 6 cm to 3 or 4 cm x 10cm or so.
  2. Fold the strips once in half, width-wise and glue the two sides together so that the colourful side is the one outside.
  3. Glue together the ends of the first strip, maybe a half a centimetre depending on the size of the strip, so that it makes a ring.
  4. Get another strip and repeat step number 2, hook the second strip into the first ring before you glue together the ends so that you have two entwined rings.
  5. The third strip can be hooked to strip number one or two.
  6. Go on hooking and entwining the strips together, preferably following a certain pattern of your choice; for example a strip size pattern or colour pattern until you have a long chain that you can hang on the walls of your house like tinsel.
  7. If you have an artist; or someone aspiring to be one, among you; s/he can draw various Christmas associated symbols like Christmas trees, stockings, candy cane; baby in the manger, Santa Claus etc.
  8. Carefully cut out the symbols from wherever they are drawn from so that they are free standing.
  9. Join efforts in painting the symbols, you can use any colour you want to make it more fun like Santa Claus dressed in green and his elves in purple!
  10. If none can draw the symbols, you can cut off the pictures from your Christmas gift wrappers.
  11. You can use remaining strips from the wrappers, or make some more to connect the various drawings or pictures to the decorating chain at intervals.
  12. In the end, you should have your beautiful decorating chain with the various Christmas symbols to bring the festive cheer closer home.
  13. The most important thing, have fun while doing it!

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