Creating A Teacher Relationship With Your Child

Creating A Relationship With Your Child’s Teacher


Experts have weighed in, and all agree that a positive parent-teacher relationship contributes to a child’s success in school. Many may think it’s much easier said than done. After all, there are teachers your child may like and teachers your child may not. No matter the situation, your child’s teacher is the second most important person in your child’s life (besides the parents).

A positive parent-teacher relationship helps the child feel good about going to school and being successful. This relationship also demonstrates to your child to trust their teacher because you do. It’s also important to communicate with the teacher, letting them know what you expect and how to help your child.

Here are some strategies to help create a positive relationship

Don’t brag.

Of course you want to tell everyone your child is brilliant, but teachers don’t like parents that brag. This makes the teacher feel not qualified to be teaching your child. You have to trust that the teacher will come to you when it’s important. Telling a teacher that your child loves to read will thrill any teacher. Challenging a teacher with a statement “She read 65 books over the summer” or “He’s a genius in math, are statements that could backfire. As time moves forward, your teacher will have plenty of time to see how “brilliant” they are.

Child-Teacher Relationship.

This could be the first adult relationship your child has outside of the family. Let the relationship blossom between teacher and child on its own. For younger children, this teacher relationship can be powerful and wonderful and is all about creating a love relationship.

Approach With Respect.

Treat this teacher relationship as if it’s the most important relationship in your life. Instead of confronting a teacher, create a problem-solving partnership and collaborate ways to help your child, instead of delivering a lecture.

Remember Your Own Teachers.

The experience you had at school will likely affect the attitude you have toward your child’s teacher. If you had a bad experience in school, it’s important to leave your baggage at the door. You will want to talk about your child with the teacher (and not about your experiences).

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