Childhood Joy


It’s so easy to get caught in the daily energy of life. To move from one very needed activity like wiping a mouth or packing a lunch to the next without a thought. And then my youngest walks into the kitchen with a smile on her face, humming our favorite song. In that moment I try to recall that simple joy that is reflected on her face; that simple childhood joy.

The Gift of Childhood Joy
When did I lose that ability to feel such simply unasked for joy? Somewhere among the parts of growing up we forget; the lost dates and forgotten dreams, joy still exists. It lives in our kids, in their ability to find joy in a snatch of song or the bud of a seed. Perhaps that is why doing things like gardening and crafts with your kids is so satisfying. It brings us closer to that childhood joy.

Embracing it All
So when my daughter sits quietly studying her hand, the shape and wonder of it, I drink it in. When she skips to the next room instead of walking, I simply smile. I know that when we head out to take care of some shopping, she will stop and tell the cashier about her day. The same woman I barely notice when I am on my own, but will stop and say hello to after this. She teaches me every day how to embrace the world around me and appreciate it. Small things and large, they are all a wonder to her, a wonder that she shares with me.  It is her greatest gift, that and her tiny kisses for no reason, and she doesn’t even know it.

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