child seat safety

Child Car Seat Safety: One Little Thing, Can Make A Huge Difference

child seat safety

When it comes to buying a car seat, a parent’s number one concern is making sure their child is safe. That might be their number one concern, but many parents make the mistake when it comes to strapping their child into a car seat. According to the journal Academic Pediatrics, 75% of parents don’t have a clue how the seat should face, or how tight the clasp should be. This leads to a number of children being transitioned before advised. Parents should be aware of how the base is anchored, as well as where to position is of the clasp on a 5-point harness, which could potentially save their life.

Parents oftentimes measure a child’s success by their milestones, inching them forward continuously in life. This shouldn’t be the case when it comes to car seats. The law states that a parent should use a rear-facing car seat until a child is two-years old, or until they outgrow the height and weight limits of their rear-facing car seat. The parents who aren’t aware that this law was revised, could be making the mistake of switching their child too soon no matter if a child is big enough to rear-face in a car seat. This was revised in 2013 from a previous law in 2011, stating that a child could be rear-faced from age one, and 20 pounds. No matter what, parent’s should always read the manual provided by the car seat they purchase, and make sure the seat is inspected by a specialist.

A parent made posted a viral photo that urged parents to be aware of this one minor but important detail of a car seat. A mother in Colorado shared a viral photo of her friends daughter’s bruised chest, after an almost fatal accident. In the photo, the woman explains the importance of the alignment of the clasp on the child’s car seat. If the clasp was placed lower on the child’s chest, she would’ve had organ damage, and if it was higher on her chest, she could’ve been asphyxiated. Luckily, the little girl has minor chest bruising, and the difference a couple inches makes is huge. Even though the chest clip are a positioning device to help the shoulder straps stay on a child’s shoulders, they still need to be properly positioned to avoid injury.

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