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Celebrity Kids’ Hairstyles

Look no further than these celebrity offspring and their adorable hairstyles. The best part about these cute hairstyles, it didn’t take a whole team to put together.

harper beckham

The Half-Up Ponytail
Celebrity Kid: Harper Beckham
The Look: Even though this little tot belongs to two high-profiled parents, it doesn’t take much to get this adorable look. This little girl has a cute look to her, having naturally curly locks so pulling her hair up high in this ponytail looks extra cute. To get her look use two pony tails instead of one to maintain the highest of ponies.

punk mohawk 

The Punk Mohawk
Celebrity Kid: Kingston Rossdale
The Look: You don’t necessarily need rock parents to have your child rock this funky new do. There are plenty of non-permanent ways to the fun look your wanting. Grab some temporary hair color and have fun with your child’s creative side. Rainbow hair color may not be aloud when school starts, but it’s summertime so have fun!

suri cruise

The Headband
Celebrity Kid: Suri Cruise
The Look: Even though this little girl has a multi-million dollar wardrobe, this simple headband look is so easy to copy. Rather than using a headband to push the hair behind, Suri wears a classic part keeping the headband on the crown of the head.

harlow madden

The Classic Bun
Celebrity Kid: Harlow Madden
The Look: If your little girl loves dancing, channel her inner ballerina with this look. Obtain this ultra-chic hairstyle by pulling your child’s hair into a high ponytail, then wind the tail tightly into a bun and secure in place with bobby pins.

Stella McDermott

The Layers & Bangs
Celebrity Kid: Stella McDermott
The Look: It looks as though this little sweetie is learning the hair style’s ropes early. Stella’s bangs and layers are perfectly shaped across her forehead and framing her entire face. This hairstyle is great for kids who have straight and fine hair.


Mason Disick

The Crazy Side Part
Celebrity Kid: Mason Disick
The Look: He comes from a reality-star family, not to mention his crazy dad who initiates all the crazy looks he has. This little kid keeps his locks a little more preppy, leaving his hair long parted to one side. Use a fine-tooth comb and trace it back to the hairline to keep it extra neat and polished.

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